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Swami Anubhavanandaji’s Guru Poornima Message 2016 – Transcription

Guru Poornima Message 2016 (English)20160717

Wise are not miserable. Otherwise are not happy!

Guru Purnima is coming. Every year Guru Purnima comes and goes. We like the Kutastha Chaitanya (kutastha= “that which remains unchanged” Chaitanya=”consciousness”), we don’t change. And we listen to satsangh like the professional satsanghi. A challenge to the mahatma. So-many have come and gone, now you try. See. So many Guru Purnimas have come and gone. See friends, please remember, whole Bhagavad Gita was heard by Arjun. The situation of battle or the war did not change, it was Arjuna who changed.

Guru Purnima is this reminder, that are we changing OURSELF or not? Not the body level, not the mind level, but are we changing ourself properly so that body, mind and spiritual practice is perfectly balanced. Bhagavad Gita 2:48 “….samatva? yoga ucyate”. This we have to constantly understand. And don’t push the guru outside. Guru is our ability to learn from every experience. When we learn from any experience, that experience does not precipitate in the form of an impression on our mind. For example:- in our childhood we have all sometime or the other touched the fire and we have got our hand burnt. Se we have learnt, that the fire burns. And therefore we do not have hatred towards the fire. We know fire burns, we have learnt it. And therefore after learning this, then what do we do, now we use the same burning capacity of the fire to our benefit.

Now apply the same principle in life. We have fulfilled so many desires right from childhood. Have we discovered fulfillment in life? No. So have we learnt anything from it? No. So we have not celebrated Guru Purnima. Guru Purnima celebration is, we learn from every experience of our life. And the guru who is outside, he can do nothing. In the relationship of the guru and shisya, the shisya is important, not Guru. Guru is like the sun, available for everyone, freely, equally. But if somebody is sitting inside the room and complains, oh the sun is biased to that person, is giving more light to him and to me not giving enough light. Who is responsible? Not the sun. In the same manner guru principle is common for everyone. The real guru manifests in our heart, as our learning ability from every passing message. That is Guru Purnima celebration.

I will give one homework to you and I promise, you you will not do it. The homework is, everyday you write a beautiful diary, don’t write thesis, only one liner or 2 liner. Write down what I have learnt today from my life. Only 1 line. And see by the time 365 days are over, you will say, Oh My God I never knew I am so wise. And slowly slowly the change will start coming in. That is the celebration of Guru Purnima.

See friends in “Kaivalya Upanishad” a mantra comes. The student approaches the teacher: –

adhiihi bhagavoo brahmavidyaam varishthaam sadaa sabdhihi sevyamaanaam nigoodhaam yayaachiraat sarvapaapam vyapohya paraatparam purusham yaati divyam tasmai sa hovaacha pitamahaascha shraddhaa bhakti dhyaana yogaadavaihi

To that Ashvalaayan, guru maharaj Brahmaji said, my dear, I cannot teach you “shraddhaa bhakti dhyaana yogaadavaihi“, you learn. Nobody can teach anybody anything. And if you are learning, nobody can stop you from learning. Invoke that ability, to learn from your experiences. And if we learn from every experience of our life, with every experience we will grow wise. If we don’t learn from our experiences we will grow old and otherwise. And old otherwise people have nothing but complains “Aajkalke bache badom ko aadar nahin dete – Nowadays the kids do not give respect to the elders”.

If you are old by age what is your contribution? What you have done to become old? It is the poor earth running around the sun and our age is growing. What is our contribution? A shudra buddhhi!

See friends, therefore let us celebrate the Guru Purnima with this wisdom. Everyday, yes, and don’t make it public, Facebook, today I learnt this thing, what about you?

Our spiritual practice should be extremely silent and secret. “yeh andar ki baat hai – This is inner matter”. Don’t have to make it public. Do you know, “aajkal mai meditation kar raha hoom, bada mazaa aa raha hai – nowadays I am doing meditation and I am enjoying it very much” arey!, is it an ice-cream or what? Mazaa aaa raha hai.

Make it subjective, silent. and when you start doing it, I will tell you, you will not know the change in you, the people around you will observe the change.

There is one lady, she asked me, “What I should do”? So I said, “take these series of talks, listen, write down, do DTP, edit whatever you can, send it to me”. She said, swamiji.. I said if you are going to talk, over. Do means do. She started doing it. And after 6 months when I went to their house, they have got dozens of servants, the servants came and told, swamiji our bibiji has changed so much. She did not know she has changed. Earlier she was shouting at every Tom, Dick and Harry. Picking on everything. Now she has stopped scolding us. And one day she was very disturbed, and her mother-in-law said, today you did not write swamiji’s lecture? See friends, we have to change. And the change comes when we keep on learning. And the learning process is so sweet, like a small baby, she doesn’t know she is growing. People around her know, oh! now she is grown up.

Give it a chance, in the next Guru Purnima, you will all be realised.