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Source of Happiness

Friends, anything what we do  – ends. Be very attentive, Spiritual life is not doing anything. It is undoing all that we have been doing our whole life. It is not becoming someone, it is unbecoming. See this is the basic error on the spiritual path. We are already carrying huge burden of so many specialties on ourselves. That I am man – I am woman, I am old – I am young, I am educated – I am over-educated, I am smart – I am not-smart, I am beautiful – I am awful. One more feather, I am Spiritual. One more burden.
Friends spiritual life is unbecoming and undoing. See Friends. And in the spiritual practices, one of the most popular, common and misunderstood practice is meditation. It has become a fashion. So let us try to undo meditation. When you will learn the art of undoing you will merge in the absolute, see friends. Now let us understand one basic principle of spiritual life. Spiritual life is learning from our own experiences. This is the fundamental of spiritual life. A person who cannot learn from his own experiences, even God cannot teach him or her. We have to learn from our own experiences. Now the Question comes, where do we begin? Without having any knowledge, because everybody is doing, we also go and join – crash course in meditation. See! Crash course – in that course you are crushed; Meditation! See friends. So instead of that let us learn from our own experiences, that we have been looking outside – for what? Whatever we do or we don’t do – the purpose is only one. TO GAIN HAPPINESS.
A person gets married to get happiness. Another gets separation to gain happiness. One person
eats a lot to gain happiness. The other one is observing fast to gain happiness. One person wakes up early in the morning to gain happiness. The other one keeps sleeping unto 10 o’ clock – gain happiness.  In short all our efforts in life are directed towards one principle – and that to gain happiness. Alas we have never looked within. Did we succeed in or life? The same thing mechanically we are doing in our life. Because we are not analysing and learning from our experiences of life. Now one example I will give you how we learn from our experiences. I get up early in the morning. Now first thing you want in the morning is a cup of tea. So the mind starts the japa sadhana tea, tea, tea, tea, tea. Till I get a cup of tea my mind is agitated. Then I get a cup of tea somehow or the other. The moment I get a cup of tea – Ahhaa maja aa gaya. Conclusion – happiness has come from tea. See – analyse our experience. If happiness is coming from tea, everybody in this world should feel happy after taking a cup of tea, but this does not happen. But then we cannot deny our experience that I really enjoyed the cup of tea in the morning.
Now analyse – Before I got no tea I was disturbed. After I got the tea I wanted I was happy. Meaning what? There was no disturbance in the mind. So disturbed mind is misery, undisturbed mind is happiness. How simple it is.
So what should be our approach now to life?
1] See approach to life should be very simple – when we interact with the world where is our attention? Our attention is to gain happiness out of action, out of speech, out of thoughts. Instead of that, change the attitude. Don’t do anything in life to get happiness, whatever we are supposed to do, do it happily. Everything will change in life.
2] Similarly, don’t talk so you will get appreciation and then you will become happy. No, talk happily. You would have seen many times in God’s creation there are people, they don’t talk, they bark. Why have you come? Why are you standing? wow wow wow.. Arey Ram Ram Ram. Talk cheerfully, happily. Then you have done everything.
3] Similarly thinking happily. When you think happily you cannot be destructive.  See – nobody can go and tell his friend, hey I am so happy today, I just want to kill you. Not possible, because Happiness is not a destructive force.
Therefore 1st  step on the spiritual path is,
  • whatever you do,
  • whatever you talk,
  • whatever you think, let that be a channel of expression of your inherent happiness.

Don’t do anything to oblige the world. Know that it should become a channel through which happiness is expressed.

See friends. When you do anything happily you don’t get tired. When you do anything happily , you don’t expect anybody to say something. Like you know I am talking to you happily. If you suffer it is your problem, but I am happy. 15:15